Grooming FAQ

"What is the difference between a teddy bear/breed specific cut and a kennel cut?"

A teddy bear cut is a longer fur length, anywhere from 1/2" + requiring additional brushing and scissoring.  A kennel cut is one short length all over creating an easy-to-maintain look for weeks.

"I'm not sure what size to book my dog in for!"

That's okay! Our rule of thumb is book larger so we can allot more time just in case.  If your pup ends up being a size down, then it'll be less expensive but at least there won't be any surprises.

"What if I can't make it the day of my appointment but I know you have a cancellation fee"

We get it, life happens.  If you can't make your appointment the day of let us know AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and rebook when you are available.  We value our groomers' time and we hope you do too.

"Can you do a teddy bear cut even though my dog is matted?"

If you knew how painful it is on them, believe me you wouldn't want us to.  Regular brushing paired with regular bath and blowouts are the best recipe for a long-haired pup.  Our recommendation is a clean shave down to about a 4 length for velvety softness paired with regular brushing and maintenance and you'll get there.  Remember to brush after removing harnesses, bath and brush after rolling in the mud!

"How long will my dog take to groom?"

Depends on size, fur condition and behaviour!  Can be as quick as 1 hour for the little pups and upwards of 4 hours for giants who need a lot of love.  We will always try to send you a text with timing updates and when your pup is ready.





"Will there be any hidden charges?"

Sometimes, but they won't be hidden.  We'll let you know if we have to add additional fees to your services.  Examples include handling and de-mating!  

"Can I drop my dog off in the morning and pick them up after work?"

We groom by appointment only!  We'd love to hang with your pup all day, but having minimal dogs in the grooming salon allows for a less stressful quiet environment.  It also allows us to pen the pups rather than kennel them while they wait!  Our groomers can then focus on your dog only during their appointment and give them the care and attention you both deserve.