Full Grooms include cut (either kennel cut or breed specific/teddy bear cut*), bath brush and nails. 

*Breed specific/teddy bear cuts are $10-18 more based on breed and size.

*Major tidies on Retrievers, Collies etc. will be charged for a bath and blow out with additional charges for scissoring depending on size/condition/thickness of coat.

Bath and Blowout includes face trim, sani-trim, bath, brush and nails. Smooth coated dogs are anything with VERY short hair (Bulldog, Boxer, Dobie, Dane, Frenchie, etc). Non-Smooth coated is every other dog with hair or longer fur that requires brushing (Husky, Shepard, Doodle, Aussie, Retriever, etc)

All listed services as subject to an evaluation at the time of receipt and if extra time or grooming work is required to handle extensive matting or lack of basic maintenance there may be additional costs for the groom and / or inability to meet the specific demands of the request (length of hair kept, etc). This will be evaluated and communicated upon intake or a call made during the groom session directly if anything unusual is encountered.

*Please note that doodle breeds are subject to evaluation of size because of the amount of time it takes to groom their tall fuzzy bodies! So what you may know to be a “medium” in the doodle community may in fact result in a large size in the spa world because of the time and effort it takes our groomers.

Please read through our Cancellation Policy prior to booking.